An original, actual play D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) fantasy story following a group of 5th edition players discovering their destiny as newly arisen gods

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    82. The God of War (Part 2)

    The Haldir Loran, Eriska Taine, and Shipmate Vessen face of against the God of War, and the Lord of Rylend finally learns the truth behind his original patron.

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    81. The God of War (Part 1)

    Lord Haldir Loran and Eriska Taine close in on the lair of the God of War

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    Podcasts of Waterdeep #10

    Godsfall DM Aram Vartian leads an all-star cast through the epic finale of Wizard of the Coast's Podcast of Waterdeep

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    80. Hope is a Waking Dream

    Haldir and Caitlyn face off in the dreamspace, while Xion confronts some of his deepest regrets.

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    Sidequest 1: Surviving Sezer

    Captain Rugov Sezer familiarizes himself with his new deckhands, the Jackdaws and Braneck, and teaches them the ropes of being part of his crew.

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    79. Clearing the Deck

    Haldir, Vessen, and Eriska battle to survive the onslaught of the God of Death and her undying lieutenant, Thrall Mock.

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    78. Ship of the Dead

    Haldir, Eriska, and Vessen face off against a navy of the undead.

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    77. The Sun and the Moon

    The players regroup after their battle with The Line, while Dorro and Caitlyn fill in Queen Sirena on what they have been up to.

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    76. Time and Fate

    Our heroes fend off The Line, hunt for Dudala, and meet a new pair of godlings.

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